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May 8, 2016

Setting Fonts In BeTheme

I wanted to change the default font for my WordPress BeTheme site, so I googled how to do it. I was surprised to find lots of posts telling me that I had to write custom CSS to accomplish this. That just didn’t seem right, if you paid for an easily customizable theme, then you shouldn’t need to learn CSS just to change the sitewide fonts. So I poked around a bit and discovered there is indeed an easy way to do this without needing to learn CSS at all.   From the WordPress Dashboard select Appearance, under that select BeTheme […]
May 1, 2016

Moving WordPress on Bluehost

I’ve been playing around with a new installation of WordPress on bluehost for about a month now. I originally created a wordpress folder, but now I’d like to try moving wordpress to the root area of my site. I googled a bit, but didn’t find much information on how move a wordpress install on Bluehost, so I thought I would document the process. Here goes…   Edit WordPress Settings From your WordPress dashboard open Settings section and go to the General area. Locate the Site Address (URL) section and change this to the new URL that you’d like to use. […]